"CONCIF is a multidisciplinary Argentine-Brazilian group of health care and training professionals with a broad experience in the field of international football. We are dedicated to providing consultation services with a proven scientific base to coaches and managers of all levels of play so they may enhance the performance of their club while avoiding injuries."

Throughout the world and in recent years, football is experiencing a period of significant growth, not only from an economic point of view but also from a scientific and cultural standpoint.

At present, there is a great need for well-organized infrastructure to support the increasing demand for cutting-edge management of sports institutions with the goal of obtaining positive results on field and to train players so that they may realize their full potential.

Aspects of prevention, including rehabilitation and training, are some of the most important and relevant concepts in the professional sports world at this time. These areas require constant updating and should not be minimized when planning a football season or designing a budget, especially when one of the most important goals of any institution is to maintain a healthy and high-performing roster.

Summary of our main focus and areas of expertise:

  • 1) Full evaluation of youth division and professional players
  • 2) Injury analysis using current statistical and epidemiological methods
  • 3) Development of injury prevention programs
  • 4) Physical and technical training for individuals and groups
  • 5) Staff orientation and training on the aforementioned aspects and specific collaboration efforts to organize the sports medicine department of each club

We have a wide variety of modern and mobile sports-medicine evaluation devices that allow us to obtain accurate objective data which we use to create individualized exercise plans and track individual progress. This helps to prevent injury, reduce injury recovery times, and improve athlete performance.

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Football throughout the world is experiencing a revolution on and off the field. We are beginning to see football clubs redirect and prioritize resources to different areas of the game. At present, in order to obtain outstanding results as a team it is not only necessary to have separate understandings of scientific concepts and experience in daily club functions but also an understanding of the interaction of these two concepts.

With the globalization of information we are seeing today over the Internet, it has become more convenient than ever to obtain and exchange quality, up-to-date information on this fascinating sport.

Currently, we could not provide our services to football clubs if we did not have a structure designed to utilize and implement that which has been developed in terms of modern scientific principles of exercise science. These concepts are being well implemented in countries such as Argentina and Brazil, where professionals are working at similar or higher levels than some developed European countries.

Sports medicine, nutrition, exercise physiology, rehabilitation, and physical training are aspects that are relevant to every football club in the world. This holds true even with the existence of significant differences in team structure, cultural, and socioeconomics.

Football has become one of the largest businesses in the world and has an impressive financial potential. It has made some of the largest investors in emerging markets (Latin America, Eastern Europe, Oriental Asia, and Middle Asia) look at this sports as a way to propagate their business and take advantage of positive results on the field to enrich their earnings and commercial markets.

Large corporations with interests in, for example, civil engineering, the petroleum market, the stock market, mining, among others, discovered that investments in football have the potential to transform into a reliable source of income. However, many investors did not realize that to obtain an acceptable return on investment it is also necessary to invest in professionals with proven leadership and abilities related to execution of training principles and injury prevention.

We believe the football club competing at any level of play that possess a multidisciplinary team in the areas of medicine, nutrition, prevention, rehabilitation, individual and group training, modern techniques, and solid scientific foundations will have outstanding results in a short time and an advantage over the competition.

  • Dr. Luciano A. Verrone
    Physician with specialties in Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatology, and Sports Medicine.

  • Licensed Physical Therapist
    Fernando D. Dignani

    Specalist in Sports Kinesology.

  • Licensed Physical Trainer Michel Huff
    Specalist in Football and Footsal Training.

  • Licensed Physical Trainer Felipe Garcia Celia
    Specalist in Exercise Physiology.

    (FC Bayern München-SSC Napoli-Metalist FC)

    (Malaga C.F.)

    (S.S.C. Napoli)

    (Metalist F.C.)

    (Metalist F.C.)

    (Metalist F.C.)

    (CA Rosario Central-Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba)

    (Cruzeiro E.C.)

    (Åtvidabergs FF)

    (Club Sporting Cristal)

    (Metalist F.C.)

    (Metalist F.C.)